Mother Inspired Passion for Helping Others

Sally Kupczyk

Sally Kupczyk

By Sally Kupczyk, RN

The path that led me toward a career in Zen Shiatsu is one that is close to my heart. My passion for caring for and treating others began when I was growing up at home.

My mom was an energetic woman. She was a single mother with a full-time job, who still found time to volunteer for others. This would involve spending hours chopping vegetables prior to the fundraisers; cleaning and cooking for a few senior citizens three to four times a week; and spending Sunday afternoons in the basement of our church helping with bingo. Whenever someone needed her help, no matter the time, she would drop everything to lend a hand. I went wherever she went. I wanted to grow up to be just like her.

When my mom wasn’t volunteering, she would often come home from work complaining of neck and shoulder pain because she had been sitting in a darkroom for hours viewing and correcting negatives. To help her, I would massage her neck and shoulders until she fell asleep. She would awaken with a big smile on her face and give me a hug and comment on how wonderful her neck and shoulders felt. This really stuck in my head, as I was delighted that I could do something to ease her pain.

I didn’t quite understand her pains and aches, until one summer I worked at her film processing company, doing the exact same thing that she had been doing for years. This type of work can definitely take a toll on a person’s body. My mom has long passed, but the memory of her caring ways and willingness to help others will remain in my heart forever. Continue reading