Doctors’ Videos Help Patients Make ‘Informed Choice’

ScottFoleyBy Scott Foley

The company I work for has been producing the 30– to 60-second videos that accompany each doctor’s profile on Rush’s Find-a-Doctor online physician directory. The goal of these videos is to give prospective patients a better sense of each doctor’s areas of expertise and approach to patient care in order to help them find a doctor who meets their needs.

As the camera operator on the Find-a-Doctor profile video shoots, I’m responsible for lighting the scene, selecting and framing the shot, and monitoring the audio. Essentially, I make sure that everything looks and sounds great while someone else — a producer — focuses on the content of the interviews. Initially, I approached this project like any other — from a largely technical point of view. But from the first shoot day on, it’s been hard to ignore what the doctors are saying in their interviews, especially when they talk about their commitment to medicine and their passion for patient care.

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Video Profiles Help Patients, Doctors Connect

DavePowersBy Dave Powers

The average patient would jump at the opportunity to interview a doctor before choosing to see them in their clinic. I’m kind of lucky. I’ve interviewed more than 400 Rush University Medical Center physicians — and counting.

My company has been contracted by Rush to produce the profile videos that accompany each physician’s Find-a-Doctor online profile. The goal of these videos is to help prospective patients find the doctor who’s right for them by bringing each physician’s credentials and personality to life.

Almost three months after we started this project, my mother emailed me — and my brother and sister — with the kind of news you never want to hear. My father was diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer.

Since my parents don’t live in Chicago, I quickly started looking at websites of hospitals in their city. I wanted more information about treating the disease, and — more than anything — I really wanted to see if any of the hospitals had physician profile videos that were similar to the ones we were producing for Rush. Fortunately, one hospital did — and surprisingly they had more videos from urologists than most other specialties (and actually only a handful of the specialties at this hospital even had doctors with videos). I read through the profiles of all of the urologists, but felt more drawn to the ones that included videos. I called my parents and asked them to look at all of these urologists’ profiles.

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