Nurses at Rush: What the Patients Are Saying

Tower_floors_11-9_092The most gratifying aspect of Rush’s Facebook page is the positive feedback we get from patients and their families. Since it’s National Nurses Week, we’re sharing a few comments they posted recently about the nursing staff at Rush.

  • Once again I’m in Rush sweating out the biopsy results. And once again I have to tell anyone listening that the nursing staff on 10 and 11 Kellogg are the best there is. … No matter how rotten I feel or rotten my attitude is, they manage to cheer me up, and for that I again say thanks so much. You ladies (well folks, there is a guy or two in this mix as well and they are just as good) are the poster children for angels of mercy.
  • I cannot begin to tell you how great the nurses and the ER room were. I almost hated to leave. The nurses were so kind and attentive. They were just great! They kept me updated and made sure that I was OK. … I would highly recommend the Rush ER to anyone.
  • I came in for a three-day stay to run another course of chemotherapy. I was amazed at how well I was treated. The nursing staff at Rush is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s very hard for cancer patients to keep up their spirits, but the nurses there do their very best to keep you in a better mood while providing superb medical care. Ladies and the occasional gentleman, thank you all.
  • A BIG thank you to all of the nurses on the transplant floor! All of you were truly amazing!
  • Thank you to all the nurses, especially to those who took care of me and my son during labor and after delivery.
  • All the nurses we had for my husband’s cancer treatment were wonderful. Thank you!
  • The nurses who took care of me after my spinal fusion surgery were amazing! God bless you all!
  • To the nurses and PCTs on ninth floor north you helped me through the scariest time in my life!


‘Love the Rush Nurses’

nursesweek5Rush nurses received an outpouring of praise when we posted this photo — along with a National Nurses Week greeting — on the Rush University Medical Center Facebook page earlier this week.

The photo garnered among the most likes and comments of any we’ve ever posted on Facebook, so we thought we’d share a sampling of the feedback:

RNs Reflect on Rewards of Nursing at Rush

In celebration of National Nurses Week, several nurses from Rush reflect on their profession and their work at Rush.

Jeff Doll, RN, ED

2011 is my 30th year as a nurse. Twenty-six of those years have been spent at Rush. I still come to work knowing that each day I will learn something new, use what I already know to help someone to feel better, teach someone something new, and do it all with a team that I know will be doing the same. What more can anyone ask from a job?

Tracy Fisher, BSN, RN Clinician I, Emergency Department

After working as an emergency medicine technician for six years, I wanted to do more. More for my patients, my colleagues and myself. I am a Rush nursing graduate and have been a Rush RN for two years. I have worked in multiple nursing care areas in the hospital and facilities off campus as both nurse and student. Nurses, residents, attendings, technicians, faculty, students and staff are my coworkers. We all play an intricate part of a prestigious medical team. We are a team here at Rush and we work together in collaboration healing the human mind, body and soul.

Audrey Von Bergen, RN II, BSN, 8 North Atrium

Rush is my first job experience as a bedside nurse after graduation. The major reasons I initially chose nursing include the ability to motivate, inspire and empower people, promote healing and educate on healthy living. Personally, the flexibility with scheduling and the ability to travel interested me in nursing because I have the travel bug! Volunteering is my second nature and, as a nurse, that’s always an option whether at home or abroad! Continue reading

Nurses ‘Heard, Recognized and Respected’ at Rush

By Yurlene S. Dela Cruz

Florence Nightingale provided exemplary dedication to touch people’s lives by giving up her personal comfort. This laid the foundation for what remains a highly recognized profession: nursing.

Nursing is a dynamic profession. It provides us the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives through our unique healing power. It calls for a combination of critical thinking and a genuine compassion for those who have been afflicted with physical, mental and emotional pain.

The iconic “white cap,” which reminded me of my student years in the early ’90s, signifies one meaning: service and respect. For almost two decades now, I’m privileged to have seen the many interesting scenarios of patient care services.

I had the opportunity to be a nurse for people with various cultural backgrounds working in Asia, Europe and here in the United States. The uniqueness of each of my patient encounters has made nursing more interesting to me. If there is passion, commitment, interpersonal skills in any corner of clinical practice, then we are able to provide the best level of care that any patient deserves. Continue reading