Patient ‘Forever Grateful’ for Care at Rush

After Christine Skujins posted a review of her care at Rush University Medical Center on Yelp, we asked her to share her story on Rush InPerson.

By Christine Skujins

Being in the medical profession myself, as an occupational therapist, I self-diagnosed myself with bilateral cubital tunnel syndrome about one year ago. My family doctor said I was too young for this. I was 27.

Great, I thought, that’s never something you want to hear. I ignored the symptoms in my right arm, but couldn’t help but think that the left elbow needed to be fixed soon. The pinched nerve in my left elbow was causing me to wake up several times a night with shooting pain and numbness. I’d move sides and soon the right arm would act up.

I kept ignoring the issue and pretended I was “normal.” I modified my activities, as a good OT knew to do. I wore a few elbow splints, but let’s be honest, sleeping with elbow splints to straighten your elbows on both elbow joints is not good for quality of life. I felt pretty desperate, not knowing how this process would end.

I asked a therapist friend of mine who I should go to see to fix these issues. Without hesitation, he said “Dr.  (Mark) Cohen is one of the best.” I did my own research and realized he’s truly a brilliant surgeon. My first few visits were brief, as he kept telling me it was my decision, dependent on quality of life, as to when to schedule a surgery. A surgery …  hmmm.  I had rehabilitated several patients, as an OT, who had similar conditions. I was never on this side before and I didn’t like it. Continue reading