A ‘Wonderful Experience’ at Rush

By Joe Pascente

I was diagnosed with a mass on my left lung approximately 6 centimeters in size. My primary care physician wanted me to move quickly and get a biopsy so he could decide what the best treatment would be.

I am a COPD patient with emphysema and really didn’t want a biopsy. I would rather they just went in a removed whatever was there. Some other history for me is that I was a smoker of about a pack a day for about 25 years, but have quit since 1995.

I decided to get a second opinion and was recommended by a friend and patient to Rush thoracic surgeon William Warren. My appointment was scheduled on Dec. 8, 2010, where I brought to him all of my films from previous scans and X-rays. When he entered the exam room, we talked a bit and he asked if I have the chills or feel flu-like symptoms. I told him “no, I feel fine.” I also mentioned my primary care physician recommended I move to get a biopsy.

Dr. Warren informed me I do not need a biopsy, he knows what it is and it is a form of cancer, and he feels it should be removed. He said “if it was me, I would get it done soon.” I was registered for the the surgery on the morning of Dec. 14. Continue reading

Patient Writes Song About ‘Rush Angels’

Dick Haughey was so impressed with his experience at Rush that he wrote a song about it.

“I really had strong feelings about the people down there,” he says, explaining why he, with help from his wife Carol, created “Rush Angels.”

“They went overboard for me — they were really good to me.”

Haughey was diagnosed elsewhere with incurable stomach cancer that had spread to his lungs. When he got a second opinion at Rush, doctors found two curable cancers instead.

Haughey’s experience is featured in one of the new Rush Stories, as is part of the song, an unexpected component that he offered up on his own.

“I thought I was kind of at the end of my life, and they really gave me hope,” he says. “I guess you can tell by the song. It came from my heart.”

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