Helping Patients Enjoy FaceTime With Families

By Jaime Parent

Two weeks after the Tower move-in in mid-January, I was exhausted but pleased. Information Services had successfully managed no fewer than 35 projects, all designed to run on over 4 million feet of cable with 5,000 end user devices. Over 22,000 network jacks and 1,200 wireless access points were operational, and all telephonic and system network activity was working seamlessly throughout the building.

Then I got a phone call from Sharon Allen, unit director on 14 East.

“The patient we were discussing has returned for her prolonged stay. She reported to the nursing staff that she is unable to use FaceTime again. Can you help with this situation?”

FaceTime is an Apple application I was familiar with that allows people to participate in a videophone call over a wireless network. Much like the PC application Skype, FaceTime is becoming popular along with the devices it runs on: the Apple Macintosh, iPhone and iPad. Being late in the day and needing little encouragement to see technology in action anyway, I breezed over to 14 East to see how I could help. What I expected was a technology trouble call; what I got was a life lesson.

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Chicago Bears’ Charles Tillman Visits Rush

Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman dropped by Rush University Medical Center last week bearing gifts for use by the patients at Rush Children’s Hospital.

Tillman, his Cornerstone Foundation and Fifth Third Bank visit the hospital on March 15 with “Charles’ Locker.” Designed to brighten the lives of chronically and critically ill children and their families, it was filled with iPads, notebook computers, DVD players, gaming systems and other items to help patients pass the time while undergoing treatment or recovering.

Tillman called the locker contents, which will be placed in Rush Children’s Hospital’s activity room, “just something to smile about and feel good.”

“I’m thankful for you guys letting us come in and help out,” he said.