‘Golden Girls’ Give Back to Rush

Rush's Golden Girls (from left) include Rose Marie Monzo, Johanna Bongiorno, Marion Mitchell and Isabel Garcia.

Every Thursday, five retired women give back to Rush University Medical Center, proudly donning their pink volunteer coats and radiant smiles.

Individually they are Rose Marie Monzo, Johanna Bongiorno, Marion Mitchell, Isabel Garcia and Bernice Calvin. Together, they’re known as “the Golden Girls.”

Each of them joined Volunteer Services for a different reason -– one was a patient herself, one wanted to do something useful with her time, and another volunteer’s mother was a patient at Rush for more than three months.

But after volunteering here for a total of 38 years — that’s 7,300 hours — they have come to “truly understand how well the Rush community does at delivering health care and you become part of their mission,” Bongiorno says. Continue reading