Employee Honored for Compassion, Professionalism

Christine Poe-Vasquez
Gail L. Warden Employee of the Year

When the Department of Radiology began distributing comment cards to patients more than a year ago, the department received more than 50 patient comments praising Christine Poe-Vasquez, a radiological technologist, for her compassion, kindness and professionalism.

“She motivates and inspires everyone she comes in contact with,” says Bryan Latham, supervisor of the 2011 Gail L. Warden Employee of the Year.

Poe-Vasquez is responsible for performing diagnostic X-rays and bone density scans, but for her, the job involves much more than performing tests for patients. It’s also about focusing on patients to understand and respond to their needs.

“When I approach patients, I observe their body language and ask how they’re feeling,” she says. “If they’re in a hurry for another appointment, I try to expedite the test. If they’re nervous, I try to slow down and explain every step of the process. I also keep the family members informed and involved.” Continue reading