Dan’s Story: Stroke Like Being ‘Struck By Lightning’

In some families, lightning can strike twice. Just months after his wife, Ruta, was diagnosed and treated at Rush University Medical Center for what doctors describe as a one-in-a-million type of sinus cancer, Dan, then 42, experienced the worst headache of his life. While helping his brother-in-law shovel snow, his vision turned blue. “My head felt like it was struck by lightning,” he says.

Emergency personnel took Dan to a local hospital where, after CT evaluation, it was quickly decided to transfer him to Rush, which has a comprehensive stroke program and the highest volume of stroke patients in Illinois. Fortunately for Dan, the local hospital participated in Rush’s expedited transfer service for people suffering from strokes.

With just one phone call from a physician, patients can be transferred to Rush and receive immediate medical attention from a team of stroke specialists, which is led by stroke neurologist Shyam Prabhakaran, MD. Since each passing minute jeopardizes brain health, prompt medical intervention for Dan was critical. Continue reading