Protecting Our Children On The Playing Field

Christopher Madias, MD

By Christopher Madias, MD

Warm weather is upon us … finally. With the arrival of long sun-filled days, my mind immediately turns to thoughts of summer – including ice cream cones, strolling on the beach and, of course, baseball.

There is little I find more relaxing in life than grilling burgers on our deck at home with the distant sounds of baseball being played on our television in the background. Better yet is having a hot dog and cold drink in hand while shooting the breeze through nine innings at a ballgame with my wife or a close friend. There is just something about baseball that makes it the ultimate warm-weather sport. Strolling through our neighborhood in the summer, there are constantly little league and softball games being played on the fields near our home, and I always find myself stopping to watch even a few pitches.

I am usually lulled into an immediate state of relaxation from the sights and sounds of a baseball game – the colorful uniforms, the crack of a bat hitting a ball, and the faint sound of the bell from the ice cream truck on the corner. However, because of my research background, my mind sometimes wanders, and it always strikes me to think that rarely, such an idyllic setting can suddenly turn to one of tragedy on a single pitch. Continue reading