High-Tech Heart Care, With a Personal Touch

Kousik Krishnan, MDBy Kousik Krishnan, MD

The practice of cardiac electrophysiology is far removed from the type of medicine my grandfather practiced in India. My interest in medicine, however, was not dominated by the wonders of medical technology, but the one-on-one patient contact that defined my grandfather’s practice.

Some of my earliest memories were visiting India and witnessing my grandfather see patients in his home and the trust that patients placed in him in their time of pain and suffering. It is that type of patient contact that I strive to provide my patients despite the high-technology nature of cardiology.

Despite my earliest thoughts that I wanted to be a physician, I also had a love for engineering and physics. This drove my decision to major in electrical and biomedical engineering. Even at this point I did not know how relevant my undergraduate major would be to my professional future. After a short time as an engineer for Frito Lay, I moved on to medical school.

It was only in my final year of medical school that I chose internal medicine as my specialty (I originally thought I would be a plastic surgeon!). I enjoyed the long-term patient contact that is common in internal medicine, but also felt that internal medicine’s subspecialties offered the opportunity to satisfy my need to work with my hands as well. Continue reading