Amazing Nurse Finalist ‘a Selfless and Giving Person’

Mary Pat Serrano, RN, is a Rush pediatric intensive care nurse and one of 10 national finalists for Johnson & Johnson’s Amazing Nurses 2013. She was nominated by Rush colleague Jennifer Wolf, RN, who wrote the following introduction:

Mary Pat Serrano

Mary Pat Serrano

Mary Pat Serrano is not only an excellent Pediatric ICU nurse, she is also a truly genuine person who has the ability to build rapport with her patients and families like no other nurse I have ever worked with in my 12 years as a nurse in the PICU.

Mary Pat has an infectiously positive attitude that always sets the tone for the rest of the staff. And, whether she’s helping her peers or lending her patients and their families a shoulder to cry on, Mary Pat is always there — no questions asked.

During November 2012, an oncology patient was distraught about starting chemotherapy and losing her hair. To cheer her up, Mary Pat told the patient that she would shave her own head so that they could be bald together. The patient didn’t believe her. That is, not until Mary Pat arranged for a staff member to come to the patient’s room with hair trimmers.

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