Lucy’s Story: ‘A Second Chance of Life’

For years, Lucy Limon had trouble keeping her weight under control.

“That was my whole life,” she says, “seesawing back and forth — losing, gaining, losing, gaining.”

She didn’t have any serious health issues, but she worried that she would soon if she didn’t do something about it.

“Being 270 was not easy. Having to carry my children around in the winter from the house to the car was exhausting — I felt like I was going to collapse at some point,” Limon says. “I couldn’t do a lot of things with them.”

She turned to Jonathan Myers, MD, and the Rush Center for Weight Loss and Bariatric Surgery. Since her bariatric surgery procedure at Rush last year, she has lost more than 100 pounds.

“I feel like we’ve done really good,” she says. “I feel like I’m grateful to have a second chance of life.”


2 thoughts on “Lucy’s Story: ‘A Second Chance of Life’

  1. Please contact me in referrence beriatric surgery. I read Lucy story. L. I had decided prior
    On lap band, and spoke with dietician and went to meet with the whole group. I did everything then decided it was not the place for me. I waited for Rush. Please call me 337 303 3089 for discussion

    • Hi Maureen: Thanks for contacting Rush. I shared your note with our Physician Referral Services Department, and a team member should be calling you back later today at the number you provided. If, for some reason, we’re unable to get through, please don’t hesitate to call us at (888) 352-7874.

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