Medical Technologist Has Seen 50 Years of Advances

Jeanne_Ball_617x350Each year, Founders Day honors the people who first established Rush University Medical Center as Rush Medical College in 1837. Special awards are presented to employees — including Jeanne Ball — who have played a pivotal role in providing the best possible care for our patients.

Milestone Anniversary

  • Honoree: Jeanne Ball, medical technologist, microbiology laboratory
  • Years with Rush: 50
  • What has your 50 years at Rush meant to you? “I’m very proud to work at Rush. I have great respect for the Medical Center. We’ve done some great things here.”

Jeanne Ball has been working in Rush’s microbiology laboratory since 1963. During her tenure, she has seen advances in lab testing, from the implementation of computers to the recent advent of molecular testing, which identifies molecular and genetic indicators to determine the likelihood of a patient benefiting from a treatment or developing a disease.

“The time went very fast. I can’t believe it has been 50 years,” says Ball. “I’ve worked with some very nice, helpful people, and I’ve learned so much here. It has been very enjoyable. I’ve been so lucky to have this profession.”

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