Helping Prevent Employee Injuries

Diane_Genaze_617x350Each year, Founders Day honors the people who first established Rush University Medical Center as Rush Medical College in 1837. Special awards are presented to employees — including Diane Genaze — who have played a pivotal role in providing the best possible care for our patients.

James A. Campbell Award

  • Honoree: Diane Genaze, director, physical therapy
  • Years with Rush: 36
  • What makes Rush a special place to work? “There’s a culture here that’s different. There’s a collaborative emphasis that is strong and that sends a message.”

Genaze wanted to be a physical therapist ever since she was in junior high school and, while most of her time is spent on administrative duties, she still relishes working with patients. “I love to lend a hand to make sure they’re getting the best care they can,” she says.

Genaze led a team that worked with the Medical Center Engineering Department to decrease injuries due to poor body posture and movement. No injuries have occured in the past year and a half as a result and Genaze’s team is now working to help Food and Nutrition staff members improve their body mechanics.

Named for the first president and CEO of Rush, the award recognizes Rush employees for excellence in leadership and dedicated service. The award is particularly meaningful to Genaze, because she was hired to work at Rush by the first Campbell Award recipient, Eleanor Stupka Heinninger.

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