Doctors’ Videos Help Patients Make ‘Informed Choice’

ScottFoleyBy Scott Foley

The company I work for has been producing the 30– to 60-second videos that accompany each doctor’s profile on Rush’s Find-a-Doctor online physician directory. The goal of these videos is to give prospective patients a better sense of each doctor’s areas of expertise and approach to patient care in order to help them find a doctor who meets their needs.

As the camera operator on the Find-a-Doctor profile video shoots, I’m responsible for lighting the scene, selecting and framing the shot, and monitoring the audio. Essentially, I make sure that everything looks and sounds great while someone else — a producer — focuses on the content of the interviews. Initially, I approached this project like any other — from a largely technical point of view. But from the first shoot day on, it’s been hard to ignore what the doctors are saying in their interviews, especially when they talk about their commitment to medicine and their passion for patient care.

Like many people — especially men, I’m told — I hadn’t been to a doctor in a long time. So I decided to schedule a check-up. After hearing all of the talented and dedicated physicians at Rush discuss their work and how it can benefit patients, I knew I wanted to choose one of the over 400 (and counting) physicians we had interviewed. But I found that in the nearly two years since we’d started the project, my memory of who I’d liked and what they’d said had become pretty spotty.

So I went to the Find-a-Doctor website. Although I had thought being behind the camera for all the interviews had given me special access to the doctors, I quickly realized that the Find-a-Doctor video clips give every prospective patient the same kind of access. Sure, the content of the original interviews had been cut from 10-20 minutes to 30-60 seconds, but the essence of what I’d remembered about each doctor from their interview was still there, as was all the information I needed in order to feel like I was making an informed choice.

In the end I chose a primary care doctor we had interviewed fairly early in the process, and I am very happy with my choice. In fact, during my initial visit, my doctor discovered something that would require a follow-up with a specialist. The Find-a-Doctor videos once again helped me identify the right doctor for my needs. They’re an empowering, efficient and effective resource that truly simplify the process of finding a doctor. I’m not only proud to be a part of creating the videos, but I also feel very fortunate to have them as a resource.

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