‘Loyal Patient’ Born at Rush, Working at Rush

By Nancy Di Fiore

Right now, I stand among thousands of employees who work toward providing the best care and service for the community where Rush was built, the near West Side community where I grew up.

Throughout the years, I have experienced various health challenges just as I believe a lot of other people have. I have always entrusted my care with physicians at Rush University Medical Center, and for good reason.

I wouldn’t want my close friends and family to settle for anything less than the best, nor would I settle. With each of my health care needs, I would go to great lengths to find a physician who was not only knowledgeable, but the most experienced having taught others in the field. In my searches for the best, I always found Rush. I have continued my care at Rush throughout my entire life. I entrust the physicians at Rush with the most precious asset I have, my health.

My friend’s mother would always remind me, “Without your health, my dear, you have nothing,” and she was right. I’m not only a loyal patient because of the quality of care that I have received, but am also a dedicated employee who recognizes that the work we do matters.

Having worked at Rush for nearly 15 years, I’m excited to be a part of the new hospital building opening. It has been an experience in itself to have observed the many changes that have taken place at Rush. I was happy and willing to contribute to a building that I know will be an icon for a new era in health care, now and in the future.

There aren’t words that can express how assured I am to have worked and served in the community where I live, and to be cared for in a medical center where I was born.

Nancy Di Fiore is assistant director of media relations at Rush University Medical Center.

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