Telling the Story: From Air to Zeal

Tony Perry, MD, clinical transformation officer at Rush, during a recent ad shoot for the new hospital.

By Lori Allen

Teamwork at Rush being what it is, there’s no surprise in the numbers of people who helped make last week’s marathon photo shoot a success. Among those we have to thank:

  • Jessica, who walked a good mile for just a few good steps. Selected for her petite size, she paced back and forth next to a tall ladder, which served as the photographer’s perch. For sharing Jessica with us, we thank her manager, the suitably branded Rachel Rush, whose last name is the only one I’ll use today.
  • John, Tony, MaryAlice and Josh -– a highly specialized group of clinicians who together are the cast for a new TV commercial. We were amazed at your ability to talk for more than two hours about air.
  • A band of people from multiple departments who came to our rescue, not long before shoot time, and zealously readied the new hybrid OR for cameras. You could compete against any home makeover crew and win.
  • Eugene, Tiffanie, Eva, Rebecca and Marge, who elegantly illustrated the universal accessibility attribute of the new hospital. We learned a lot from you.

Next we’ll see video from helicopter, shot Oct. 21. Stay tuned.

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Lori Allen is assistant vice president, Marketing and Communications, with Rush University Medical Center.

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  1. I am so proud to be a member of such a world-class hospital/university with such forward thinking! Kudos to all of our administrators who “GET” the necessity of universal design……

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