Videos Help Patients Choose the Right Doctor

Primary care physician Steven Rothschild, MD, is one of more than 200 doctors at Rush University Medical Center whose videos are posted online.

By Cari Kornblit

Back when I was a newcomer to Chicago, I needed to find a new primary care doctor as I was overdue for a check-up. So I asked the few people I knew for recommendations. But what if I could have watched short videos of the doctors I was choosing between to get an idea of each doctor’s personality and philosophy of care, and then made a more informed decision? I’m now involved in a project that gives people that option.

Rush already has an online tool, Find-a-Doctor, where you can search for a doctor in a range of ways — like by location, specialty, even by a specific disease or symptom. Since January, we’ve been interviewing doctors to create brief videos to add to their Find-a-Doctor profiles. Now you can watch a brief snippet featuring the doctor and get a better sense of what that person is really like. Why did they get into medicine? How did they choose their specialty? What motivates them to keep practicing? What informs their approach to treating patients?

Each doctor, and therefore each video, is unique. For some doctors, the video may help to explain the particulars of what they do and how they do it. For example, did you know that orthopedic surgeons at Rush each focus on treating specific body parts? That means that you’d see one doctor if you’re having a problem with your hip and another doctor if you’re having a problem with your spine, but they’re both orthopedic surgeons.

For other doctors, the video highlights an aspect of their practice, such as their clinical research or their relationship with their patients. I was surprised to hear that pediatricians now make sure to engage their young patients, not just the parents. I remember only my pediatrician’s profile because he usually faced and talked to my mother, not me, during our visits.

I’ve been lucky to sit in on many of the interviews and listen to the doctors talk about what they do and why they do it. These videos are a testament to how dedicated they are to their patients and to the practice of medicine. We wouldn’t be able to use the format of unscripted conversations otherwise.

We now have over 200 videos live on the Find-a-Doctor site and we’re working on making even more. To watch the videos, look for the video camera icon next to a doctor’s name in the search results and click on that doctor’s profile. I hope you’ll check them out and use them to find a doctor who’s right for you.

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Cari Kornblit is a web editor with Marketing and Communications at Rush University Medical Center.

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