Telling the Story: From the Roof

Keith Millikan, MD, with Kim Humbarger, RN

By Lori Allen

Apologies to Saturday’s cast for the extra-long commercial shoot. They were nearly four hours “on set.” But what a set it was: the ninth-floor green roof of the new hospital, under a warm autumn sun, facing downtown Chicago.

The fortunate weather provided a clear view of the skyline and relieved concerns about a chilly cast. To achieve a visual balance while maintaining authenticity in their work attire, we’d risked at least one of them being underdressed.

From a less desirable indoor location, we followed the Rush staff on monitors. Unscripted and unrehearsed, they had no trouble discussing advantages of the three-story platform they stood atop:

  • the advanced technology and their hand in its design
  • the Rush collaborative spirit, its benefits to patients and how it would be enhanced by the mingling of services
  • the convenience to patients and families of having all in one place: surgery, endovascular procedures and other interventional care, diagnostics, patient registration, prep, pre-op, recovery and family lounges.

Kim, Keith, Kousik and Bernie, you were great. It’s a wrap.

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Lori Allen is assistant vice president, Marketing and Communications, with Rush University Medical Center.

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