A Patient and an ‘Ambassador’

As Paul Kent, MD, sees it, patient Sam LiBassi has become something of a Rush ambassador.

“He spends his time in the hospital making friends with the other patients, visiting them, making them laugh, making them smile,” says Kent, a pediatric oncologist at Rush University Medical Center, in an interview with WCIU.

Twenty-three-year-old LiBassi, who’s being treated for cancer at Rush, says he didn’t have such a positive attitude at the outset.

“I was like, this is awful … I never want to come here again,” he tells WCIU. “And then afterwards I was like, you know what? That’s just a horrible attitude to have because I’m going to have to be here whether I like it or not, so I just decided to change my attitude to I don’t like this but I have to deal with it, so let’s make the best of it.”

Fellow patient Katie Sanderson says LiBassi helps lift her spirits when she’s down.

“When he walks in you just see him smile,” she says, “and it’s awesome.”

Watch the video from WCIU’s You & Me This Morning:

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