Motivate Your Way to Weight Loss

By Laura Oliver 

Motivation, or your driving force, plays a big role in losing weight and keeping the weight off. Weight changes can wear on feelings and overall quality of life. There are normal changes in weight, but going up and down a few pants sizes can be hard to manage physically and emotionally. Not losing sight of why you are pursing healthier behavior, or your motivation, is a key factor in weight management.

Here are some tips on how to improve motivation:

  • Stay focused – Don’t allow outside pressures, such as people, settingsand feelings to change your motivation.
  • Stay strong – No matter the situation, remember you are a strong person who’s able to obtain your goals.
  • Stay positive – Don’t allow negative feelings from daily life to affect your motivation.
  • Stay supported – Find support in friends, family or a local support group.
  • Stay planned – Plan your meals and snacks in advance. Also, think about potential problems and what to do when you are tempted.
  • Stay in the present – When falling into old habits, change thoughts to why your weight goal is crucial.

Staying motivated can be a hard task in weight management, but if you want a healthy lifestyle bad enough, you can achieve it. So stay motivated and remember that you’re worth obtaining your goals! If you have additional questions about motivation and nutrition for weight management, seek out a registered dietitian at: Rush’s Nutrition and Wellness Center, or call (312) 942-DIET.

Laura Oliver is an MS clinical nutrition candidate and dietetic intern at Rush University Medical Center.

4 thoughts on “Motivate Your Way to Weight Loss

  1. I would add one more suggestion: Be forgiving if you slip and eat something outside your diet. What I mean is if you eat one or two cookies, accept it as a momentary lapse, enjoy the cookies, do better next time; but don’t use it as an excuse to give up, or tell yourself “I have no will power, I will always be fat.”
    Always know you can make a better choice next time.

  2. Hi,

    One thing that helped me with my weight loss was to break up my weight goals and have a special reward for obtaining each goal. This gave me extra incentive to move on to the next ‘phase’ in getting to my final goal. Just try and keep the rewards action based and not food based… 🙂

  3. These are some great tips in staying motivated. Id go so far as to suggest that motivation is the main contributing factor in diets failing. Another tip id give is to ‘think long term’. If you think of the bigger picture you wont give into temptations in the here and now.

  4. Staying motivated is the biggest issue in weight loss. These are great tips you have listed here but I feel the most important is having support from friends and family. It is so much harder when you’re hanging out with a friend who is not on the same level as you eating whatever he/she wants. My boyfriend has been great and has started losing weight with me. It has been great doing it with someone. 🙂

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