RNs Reflect on Rewards of Nursing at Rush

In celebration of National Nurses Week, several nurses from Rush reflect on their profession and their work at Rush.

Jeff Doll, RN, ED

2011 is my 30th year as a nurse. Twenty-six of those years have been spent at Rush. I still come to work knowing that each day I will learn something new, use what I already know to help someone to feel better, teach someone something new, and do it all with a team that I know will be doing the same. What more can anyone ask from a job?

Tracy Fisher, BSN, RN Clinician I, Emergency Department

After working as an emergency medicine technician for six years, I wanted to do more. More for my patients, my colleagues and myself. I am a Rush nursing graduate and have been a Rush RN for two years. I have worked in multiple nursing care areas in the hospital and facilities off campus as both nurse and student. Nurses, residents, attendings, technicians, faculty, students and staff are my coworkers. We all play an intricate part of a prestigious medical team. We are a team here at Rush and we work together in collaboration healing the human mind, body and soul.

Audrey Von Bergen, RN II, BSN, 8 North Atrium

Rush is my first job experience as a bedside nurse after graduation. The major reasons I initially chose nursing include the ability to motivate, inspire and empower people, promote healing and educate on healthy living. Personally, the flexibility with scheduling and the ability to travel interested me in nursing because I have the travel bug! Volunteering is my second nature and, as a nurse, that’s always an option whether at home or abroad!

I just passed my year milestone working on 8 North. Not only has Rush met my expectations in terms of nursing role and standards but moreover, the emphasis on education has abundantly surpassed my expectations with the vast amount of opportunities. I am proud to be a Rush nurse. On 8 North, I enjoy the surgical population, the vast array of procedures and the new knowledge I gain daily on the unit. The numerous teaching and learning opportunities on the unit, around the hospital and supported outside of Rush provide many avenues to increase personal and professional independence and confidence. Rush advocates for nurses, who play an important part of the interdisciplinary team. Nursing at Rush encourages asking questions and inquiring about how to best tackle new situations, instead of discouraging discussion; preceptorship is fostered.

I appreciate the ability to advance in leadership and take on new responsibilities. Being a nurse leader at Rush is exciting and allows every nurse greater individual growth because you have options as to what and how much you want to be involved. The personal testimonies and spotlight on excellence awards that patients write encourage me to be a better nurse every day. Moreover, when my colleagues (with often times more years of experience than me) compliment my technique, documentation or patient care, it reaffirms I am doing my job well.

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