Bulls Blog: Winning at Home

Chicago Bulls head team physicians Brian Cole, MD, and Kathy Weber, MD, of Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush, are blogging about their experiences with the team during the playoffs. Rush University Medical Center is the preferred medical center for the Bulls.

By Brian Cole, MD

Well, winning at home for game 5 was a thrill for all of us. Derrick Rose was just fantastic to work with after his ankle sprain that occurred during game 4. Kathy and I are always learning about how to help players deal with injury and return to play.

After sustaining a fairly significant inversion ankle sprain in game 4, all of us were quite concerned about how quickly his pain would go away to allow him to play uninhibited. The MRI was particularly helpful in educating all of us and reinforcing the fact that this type of ankle sprain was safe to play on, and provided Derrick the reassurance that he could safely and confidently push through the discomfort. He did just that!

We have five full days of rest and then some until round 2! This is particularly exciting since we haven’t gone to round 2 since we played in 2007 against Detroit after beating Miami. More soon.

Go Red!

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2 thoughts on “Bulls Blog: Winning at Home

  1. You guys did a great job getting Derrick’s ankle back ready for him to play on.. I remember when he 1st hurt it and I thought we were done in the playoffs. Hopefully you guys wont have to do much work on him next year bc we need him to be 100% if we are going to get past Miami

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