Laboratory Professionals Get Results

By Demetra C. Castillo

Do you ever wonder where that tube of blood goes when it leaves you? It comes to me! I am a certified medical laboratory scientist, and this week we honor the thousands of laboratory professionals out there who work behind the scenes for you.

Why did I become a medical laboratory scientist? At the most rudimentary level, I became a medical laboratory scientist because I love science, solving mysteries and being part of a team.

These reasons helped me enter the profession — what kept me in the profession was the evolving nature of the field. I loved the constant challenges that I face as a practitioner-teacher, the leadership qualities I gain interacting with other laboratory professionals, and the camaraderie that comes along with being part of a team. I feel a tremendous amount of satisfaction when I see the same enthusiasm in my students that I felt when I was a student.

Thank you to all laboratory professionals for their commitment and dedication to our patients and our community.

Demetra Castillo is an assistant professor in the Department of Medical Laboratory Science in the Rush University College of Health Sciences, where she has been teaching for the last six years. Before that she was a laboratory scientist in Rush Medical Labs, in the Core Laboratory, where she became an expert in hematology and coagulation studies. 

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