Rush Students Bare Heads for Cancer Research

By Thomas Holland

St. Baldrick’s is a national organization that promotes the research of pediatric oncology by providing grants to various doctors and researchers across the nation. The money provided in the grants is raised by countless events with thousands of participants.

This year there have already been 902 events with 40,700 shavees. St. Baldrick’s is operated as a purely volunteer charity. It is hailed as a top organization that gets the highest percentage of money raised to the individuals that best utilize it, like Rush’s own Dr. Paul Kent, who was noted on the St. Baldrick’s website as the chosen caregiver for National Volunteer Week.

My own interest in St. Baldrick’s was spawned by Dr. Kent. While talking with him about volunteering, he took me around the floor and gave me a bracelet with the phone number of St. Baldrick’s.

The second annual Rush University St. Baldrick’s Event was on April 1. After an invigorating speech, we got down to the business of shaving people’s heads.

To date, Rush University medical students have had over 50 shavees, and with a two-year combined goal of $2,500, our friends and family have made it possible to trump that by raising over $12,100.

Each year I am honored to be a part of this event, whether people are donating time, money, food or even hair. Seeing everyone rally around the common purpose of finding a cure truly brings joy to my heart and a smile to my face.  To everyone that has helped make this possible, you have my utmost respect and gratitude.

Thomas Holland is a Rush University medical student. The video, featuring Rush students, was produced by Steve Gadomski of the Rush Photo Group.

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