Behind the Walls of Rush’s New Hospital Building

By Cynthia Castronovo

I was able to go up into the East Tower last week, which is always an exciting thing to do. Usually, I go with a specific task in mind. For instance, last month I went to check out one of the mock-up patient rooms, which technically is not a mock up, but rather a patient room that is being built out at an accelerated rate that gives staff the chance to test the space. This allows the construction team to make minor tweaks before completing the rest of the rooms.

I also have visited the emergency department on several occasions to scout out any photo opportunities. Unfortunately, as unique and specialized as our ED will be, at this point, it is still pretty unrecognizable as anything other than a construction site with a lot of steel and drywall.

During my recent visit, we toured the ninth floor, which will house the new hospital building’s mechanical equipment. This was one of my favorite spots to visit so far. The entire floor is enclosed with the iconic green louver system to allow for necessary air flow. As eye-catching as this system is from a distance, it’s even more impressive up close, with some interesting little nooks and crannies tucked in amidst this enormous space.

I couldn’t help but think about all other time, resources and attention to detail that have gone into this one floor that most people will never see.

Cynthia Castronovo is associate director, Internal and Transformation Communications, for Rush University Medical Center. She contributes regular updates about the Rush Transformation.

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