A ‘Wonderful Experience’ at Rush

By Joe Pascente

I was diagnosed with a mass on my left lung approximately 6 centimeters in size. My primary care physician wanted me to move quickly and get a biopsy so he could decide what the best treatment would be.

I am a COPD patient with emphysema and really didn’t want a biopsy. I would rather they just went in a removed whatever was there. Some other history for me is that I was a smoker of about a pack a day for about 25 years, but have quit since 1995.

I decided to get a second opinion and was recommended by a friend and patient to Rush thoracic surgeon William Warren. My appointment was scheduled on Dec. 8, 2010, where I brought to him all of my films from previous scans and X-rays. When he entered the exam room, we talked a bit and he asked if I have the chills or feel flu-like symptoms. I told him “no, I feel fine.” I also mentioned my primary care physician recommended I move to get a biopsy.

Dr. Warren informed me I do not need a biopsy, he knows what it is and it is a form of cancer, and he feels it should be removed. He said “if it was me, I would get it done soon.” I was registered for the the surgery on the morning of Dec. 14.

After the surgery, which was a complete success, I was admitted to the intensive care unit at Rush and remained there for approximately 30 hours. The care that I received from the entire nursing staff and physicians was beyond excellent.

At about 5 p.m on the 15th, I was transferred to a private room on the eighth floor north. I remained there until being discharged on the afternoon of the 19th. I have to tell you honestly, I would have been perfectly happy remaining there for however long they would have me. The entire staff of nurses on that particular floor made me feel like I was not there for care (even though my care was never neglected), but for my comfort.

In being there for four days, I would think I had contact with the entire staff of nurses on that floor. And I have not one single negative thing to say about anyone of them. They were always pleasant and friendly each and every time that I had contact with them.

With that being said, I don’t know how someone can be in a hospital, after a major surgery, and not have one single complaint about their entire experience. Needless to say, I did have that wonderful experience and hope that if I do ever get admitted to the hospital again, it will definitely be at Rush, and hopefully it will be on the eighth floor north.

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