Rush Generations and the Unexpected Visitor

By Gail Galivan

I have the honor and privilege of teaching participants in the Rush Generations program and residents of the Johnson R. Bowman apartments in the Bowman atrium. We practice group medical Qi Gong exercises weekly in a beautiful natural-light setting surrounded by many indoor plants and trees. Our focus is on feeling better through breath, movement and enhancing our connection with nature.

Wouldn’t you know it, nature herself in the form of a visiting pet, a beautiful springer spaniel, unexpectedly wandered into class during the last few minutes and joined our closing meditation. He sat down right next to me facing the group, as if he was my assistant. After one moment, he adjusted his posture to straighten his spine a bit more, just like everyone in the group did to align and increase their energy flow. He sat perfectly still the whole five minutes.

When we completed the meditation and all eyes opened, there was much buzz and elation over our new friend with even bigger-than-usual smiles in the crowd … and hearts melted.

Gail Galivan is a certified medical Qi Gong instructor.

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