A Fresh Angle on Rush’s New Hospital Building

The new hospital building at Rush University Medical Center is scheduled to open in January of 2012.

By Cynthia Castronovo

For many employees at Rush University Medical Center, the East Tower is right there front and center. It serves as a constant reminder of just how impressive our new hospital building is. Yet at the same time it offers close-up views of the unique architectural features.

And while we are lucky to be able to watch the construction on an intimate, day-to-day basis, it’s important to take a step back occasionally to enjoy the view from a different vantage point. And that’s just what the Rush Photo Group does from time to time when they take photographs of the East Tower from the roof of the Triangle Office Building on Van Buren Street.

In addition to tracking the progress of our new hospital building, these photographs remind us that the East Tower is one of many other facilities across the medical center where we deliver quality care to our patients every day. And with the elevated walkways connecting the East Tower to the Atrium Building now are in place, this becomes even more apparent.

As the East Tower opening in January 2012 draws nearer, take time to stop and enjoy the view. And if you happen to have a camera with you, take a picture and share it with us by sending it to facilities_questions@rush.edu.

Cynthia Castronovo is associate director, Internal and Transformation Communications, for Rush University Medical Center. She contributes regular updates about the Rush Transformation.

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