Celebrating Rush’s Volunteers

Volunteers receive these Rush pins

By Terence Maynard

Our volunteers make a major contribution every day, fulfilling numerous tasks that our patients need. Volunteers are visible all over Rush University Medical Center, whether assisting patients or working in offices or laboratories, they are motivated by a sincere desire to do good work without expecting anything in return. They make a difference in the perception of Rush as a caring place and serve as excellent models for our I CARE values. The patient and family experience at Rush is better because of our volunteers.

The hours that volunteers give to Rush support Rush’s historic commitment to the community. These are investments of time, energy and dollars in patient care, education and research. Here’s just a snapshot of what they provide:

In 2009, Rush University Medical Center had more than 600 active volunteers per month, and during the year they provided more than 217,000 hours of service. They transported 16,000 patients and visitors in wheelchairs and performed more than 3,000 errands, including the delivery of over 3,500 flower arrangements. In the Smith Lounge, volunteers have served over 30,000 family members waiting for loved ones having surgery. The true value of volunteer time is the vital role they play in helping millions of charitable organizations and communities across the country and here at Rush. We appreciate every minute of their time.

Maynard is director of Rush’s Hospital Guest Relations Department

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