Random Facts From the Rush Transformation

By Cynthia Castronovo

Oftentimes, colleagues in Marketing and Communications will come to me for information about the Rush Transformation, especially with regard to the East Tower, our new hospital building. I answer questions on a regular basis ranging from “How big will the East Tower be?” (841,000 square feet) to “How may green roofs are planned across the campus?” (at least five).

I also have learned a lot of information that no one asks about, so I thought I would share some random facts that I have found interesting but haven’t had the opportunity to pass along to anyone. I hope you find these useful.

  • Rush is required to build underground retention tanks to store rainwater for three days before it releases it into the city’s sewer system, and we currently are in the process of installing three of them for the East Tower.  To learn about our green water collection initiatives, check out the Rush News Blog.
  • Cement is one of three components used to make concrete. I still have a Post-it note on my bulletin board reminding me of this because I always seem to use the word cement (incorrectly).
  • A construction milestone occurs when the air handlers are activated on a site — this happened in August in the East Tower.
  • Millwork is custom-built furniture, while casework is prebuilt pieces that are assembled on site. I have this information on another Post-it because I still get them confused.
  • Another minor construction milestone is when the temporary hoists are removed from a construction site and the crews start to use the building’s actual elevators. One of the East Tower’s two hoists was recently removed and the second one will come down in October, and crews have begun to use the East Tower service elevators.

Cynthia Castronovo is associate director, Internal and Transformation Communications, for Rush University Medical Center. She contributes regular updates about the Rush Transformation.

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  1. Cynthia, it is great to see these conservation initiatives, like the underground tanks being incorporated into new developments. It should be compulsory. Thanks for sharing the news at the centre, I enjoyed reading about it.

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