Patient Makes ‘Commercial’ About Rush Experience

It looks a little like one of those Rush Stories commercials. And with that classical cello music in the background, it kind of sounds like one, too.

But this is the work of 10-year-old Jervon A., who directed and starred in the video earlier this year while he was a patient at Rush University Medical Center.

“It was his vision from beginning to end,” said John Lyons, a filmmaker who worked with Jervon on his personal video.

Lyons is an artist-in-residence with the Snow City Arts Foundation, an award-winning program that teaches filmmaking, creative writing, music, painting and photography to children at Rush and other hospitals in the Chicago area.

Jervon was eager to make a video, Lyons said, and after some discussion they decided to focus on his time at Rush.

“He wrote the narration, and it really came from his experience here,” Lyons said.

In addition to the Snow City artists, Jervon talks about his nurse (“generous”), the food (“really good, especially the pancakes”), the activity lady from Rush’s Child Life Program and more.

“Rush Hospital is special to me,” Jervon concludes, “because I’m special to Rush.”

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