Dick’s Story: The ‘Rush Angels’

Dick was initially diagnosed with stomach cancer that had spread to his lungs, and doctors said it was incurable. At the urging of his son, who found out about the Coleman Foundation Comprehensive Clinic for Gastrointestinal Cancers online, Dick came to Rush University Medical Center for a second opinion.

That second opinion turned out to be significantly more hopeful
than the first. At the comprehensive clinic’s initial meeting, 12
physicians pored over Dick’s scans and came up with an exciting
discovery: They suspected that the tumor in Dick’s lung was unrelated
to the tumor in his stomach, and that it was a completely separate —
and treatable — cancer.

The team decided that the first step should be to remove the tumor
from his lung; if it was, in fact, a separate cancer as they suspected,
this confirmation would give them confidence to move forward to the
next stage of the plan. William Warren, MD, thoracic surgeon,
performed Dick’s surgery using a procedure known as video-assisted

This minimally invasive approach allowed Dick to recover from the surgery more quickly, so that he could move forward with the next stage of his treatment. Warren and the pathologists confirmed that the tumor was a separate cancer from the stomach tumor while Dick was still in the operating room and removed a portion of his lung.

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