The Culture of a Woman’s Heart

Rush University Medical Center's free Culture of a Woman's Heart event is on Feb. 13.By Lynne T. Braun, PhD, CNP, FAHA, FAAN

We would love to have you join us on February 13 for the fifth annual Culture of a Woman’s Heart.

Dr. Bill Whittier, a kidney specialist, will give the opening address about kidney disease and how it relates to heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. You will then divide into small groups according to your ethnicity or race so that common issues can be discussed.  Each group will be led by doctors, nurses and dietitians.

We would like to answer all of your questions and concerns about heart disease, symptoms, treatments and risk factors. Our goal is to provide you with useful information to help you reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease, and our dietitians will help you tailor the foods you enjoy to make them healthier.

So please come prepared with your questions. Our program is free with free parking. A light “heart-healthy” lunch will be served.

The Culture of a Woman’s Heart will be held Saturday, Feb. 13, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Searle Conference Center at Rush. To register, call (888) 352-7874.

Lynne T. Braun, PhD, CNP, FAHA, FAAN, is a nurse practitioner with the Rush Heart and Vascular Institute, the Preventive Cardiology Center and Heart Center for Women. She has been on the faculty and has held a practice position at Rush University Medical Center since 1980.

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