Sharing the Rush Transformation

By Cynthia Castronovo

It’s hard to believe that after years of planning, Rush’s new hospital will be opening in just two years.

I starting working at Rush in the spring of 2006, charged with keeping our 10,000-plus employees, students and medical staff informed about the progress of the Transformation. At the time, the opening of our new hospital building seemed so far away and now it’s just around the corner; and I vacillate between being overwhelmed at all the work ahead of us and sad that it too quickly will be over.

View of the new Rush hospital building and Orthopedic Building on Harrison Street.

View of the new Rush hospital building and Orthopedic Building on Harrison Street.

I fully understand how lucky I am to have this unique job. After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me (and many others) professionally. How many people get to be a part of something like this during the course of their career — to watch a tennis court turn into a state-of-the art medical facility right before their eyes?

Despite my years of experience in public relations, I was excited to join Rush, knowing fully well that there was so much more for me to learn. Little did I realize that it would include such things as how to dismantle a tower crane, or tell the difference between an intensive and extensive green roof.

Over the next several years, I hope to share with you information about the Rush Transformation through the eye of a communicator -– anything from a virtual tour or mock-up, to a particularly lively construction meeting. Stay tuned.

Cynthia Castronovo is associate director, Internal and Transformation Communications, for Rush University Medical Center.

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